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nice Starting Your Career Now with a Relevant Athletic Director ..
nice Starting Your Career Now with a Relevant Athletic Director .. | athletic director resume templates

San Jose State active aback Malike Roberson (20) runs adjoin UNLV linebacker Javin White during the aboriginal bisected of an NCAA academy football d in San Jose, Calif., Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018.

Published Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018 | 2 a.m.

Updated Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018 | 6:34 p.m.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — 

San Jose State put 50 credibility on the lath — the third UNLV adversary in the aftermost four amateur to do so — and best up its aboriginal win of the division with a 50-37 beating of UNLV. 

UNLV accustomed San Jose State arena up 506 absolute yards, including 359 casual and 147 rushing. Spartans quarterback Josh Adulation completed 25-of-36 attempts for 335 yards and four touchdowns, while Tyler Nevens ran for a season-high 103 yards on 22 carries.

The Rebels’ breach revolved about apprentice receiver Tyleek Collins, who bent seven passes for 170 yards and four touchdowns. But it wasn’t enough, as San Jose State averaged 6.6 yards per comedy and artlessly out-scored the Rebels. 

UNLV drops to 2-6 on the division and 0-4 in Mountain West play. With two difficult amateur advancing up (vs. Fresno State, at San Diego State), things could get worse for the Rebels afore they get better. 

San Jose State leads UNLV in fourth quarter, 47-31

A acreage ambition and an onside bang accretion gave UNLV a blink of hope, but Max Gilliam was intercepted for the third time and now San Jose State has the brawl and a 47-31 beforehand with beneath than nine account to play.

After Evan Owens recovered the onside attempt, UNLV had acceptable acreage position and a adventitious to cull aural a distinct account with a touchdown and a 2-point conversion. But Gilliam was backward on a improvement route, and SJSU bend John Toussaint jumped it and ran it aback into UNLV territory.

It was Gilliam’s third interception of the game.

UNLV trails San Jose State in fourth quarter

Heading into the fourth quarter, UNLV trails San Jose State, 41-28.

The Rebels accept apprentice receiver Tyleek Collins to acknowledge for alike actuality that close. On a 3rd-and-6 a midfield, Collins took a abbreviate canyon and weaved through defenders for a 46-yard touchdown to cull UNLV aural 38-28.

On the afterwards possession, San Jose State collection into UNLV territory, but the Rebels aegis got a stop on 3rd-and-long and captivated SJSU to a acreage goal.

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Collins now has bristles catches for 128 yards and three touchdowns on the day. Max Gilliam has completed 18-of-29 passes for 290 yards and three scores.

The Rebels will accept a aboriginal bottomward at their own 35 to accessible the fourth quarter.=

San Jose State extends beforehand over UNLV

San Jose State took the aperture bang of the additional bisected and collection 75 yards for a touchdown to extend its beforehand over UNLV to 31-21.

On UNLV’s afterwards drive, the Rebels avant-garde into SJSU area but Max Gilliam’s canyon was agape bottomward on 4th-and-2, giving the brawl aback to the Spartans.

San Jose State is now active at midfield, with a 10-point beforehand and beneath than six account larboard in the third quarter.

San Jose State leads UNLV at half, 24-21

Max Gilliam gave UNLV a beforehand backward in the aboriginal half, and the Rebels aegis gave it appropriate back.

After Gilliam threw a 4-yard touchdown canyon to Tyleek Collins to accord UNLV a 21-17 beforehand with 1:36 remaining, San Jose State collection the breadth of the field, with Josh Adulation hitting Tre Walker for a 37-yard touchdown canyon with 34 abnormal larboard in the half. That account has accustomed the Spartans a 24-21 beforehand at the half.

The auspicious account for UNLV is that Gilliam has begin his groove. Afterwards a apathetic start, he is now 12-of-21 for 207 yards and two touchdowns, with both scoring passes activity to Collins.

The bad account is that the Rebels aegis has apparent no signs of actuality able to acclimatized the San Jose State offense. The Spartans came into the d as one of the affliction hasty teams in the nation, but they’ve racked up 79 yards on 19 carries adjoin UNLV.

San Jose State will accept the brawl to alpha the additional half, so we’ll see if the UNLV aegis is up for the challenge.

Gilliam hits continued touchdown canyon at San Jose State

San Jose State kicked a 50-yard acreage ambition to booty a 10-point beforehand over UNLV, but the Rebels answered aback anon — and in a big way.

On the aboriginal comedy of the afterwards drive, Max Gilliam threw a 75-yard touchdown canyon to apprentice receiver Tyleek Collins to cull UNLV aural 17-14 with 6:14 larboard in the additional quarter.

Collins ran accomplished the cornerback and had afar of break bottomward the field, and Gilliam lofted a absolute canyon into his arms. It’s the additional time in three weeks Collins has bent a touchdown canyon of 70 yards or longer, as he additionally pulled in a abysmal account adjoin Utah State.

San Jose State leads UNLV in additional quarter, 14-7

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San Jose State accomplished off its aftermost drive with a 2-yard touchdown canyon from Josh Adulation to Josh Oliver, and the Spartans accept a 14-7 beforehand amid through the additional quarter.

The UNLV aegis has struggled to accommodate San Jose State, abnormally on the ground. SJSU came in to today’s d averaging 52.0 hasty yards per contest, but the Spartans accept already racked up 56 yards on 12 carries adjoin the UNLV defense.

Offensively, UNLV quarterback Max Gilliam is still aggravating to acquisition a rhythm. He is 5-of-9 for 52 yards, and the Rebels’ arena d has not helped him out much, announcement aloof 54 yards on 16 carries.

UNLV, San Jose State angry early

We’re angry at the end of the aboriginal quarter, 7-7, but San Jose State is active and aggressive to booty the lead.

After Dalton Baker’s interception, San Jose State targeted him anon on the aing drive. Thai Cottrell exhausted Baker abysmal for a 60-yard completion, and Tyler Nevens ran in a 4-yard touchdown on the aing comedy to tie the game, 7-7.

UNLV was blimp on a 4th-and-1 comedy on its aing possession, and SJSU has apprenticed 42 yards and will accept a 1st-and-10 at the UNLV 18 to accessible the additional quarter.

UNLV football array aboriginal at San Jose State

UNLV has jumped out to an aboriginal beforehand in a must-win d at San Jose State.

With 7:39 larboard in the aboriginal quarter, quarterback Max Gilliam kept the brawl on a area apprehend comedy and ran it in for a 6-yard touchdown, giving the Rebels a 7-0 lead.

Dalton Baker fabricated the game’s aboriginal big play, intercepting a canyon from San Jose State quarterback Josh Adulation to accord UNLV control at midfield. It was Baker’s aboriginal career interception and aloof the additional aces for the Rebels this season. Six plays later, Gilliam scampered in for the score.

Previewing UNLV football at San Jose State with clairvoyant questions

With UNLV set to booty on San Jose State in a must-win d today (3:30 p.m., AT&T SportsNet), let’s examination the claiming by answering some clairvoyant questions:


What time Saturday does Sanchez get fired??


Multiple readers asked this catechism (with capricious degrees of viciousness), so the doctor will represent all those bodies as well.

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Losing at San Jose State in this atom would not be so arrant that it would accreditation barring Tony Sanchez from the aggregation flight aback to Las Vegas. In fact, annihilation that happens on the acreage will be bad abundant to amount him his job afore the end of the season. But if the Rebels do lose today, and the accident band rolls on for a few added weeks — actual accessible with the agenda avant-garde — it will be actual difficult for Sanchez to explain to his able-bodied director.

I anticipate Sanchez gets through this season, and again he’ll get at atomic one added division afterwards that due to a array of factors — his fundraising efforts, his arrangement (which runs through 2021), and the attributes of the rebuilding job at UNLV. But a accident to San Jose State would clearly put him on the hot bench in my opinion, acceptation the onus would be on Sanchez to do article in 2018 or 2019 to prove he deserves to stay.


If UNLV does adjudge to sack Sanchez at the end of the season, who realistically could they hire? Any ideas?


Therein lies the rub for those who appetite Sanchez gone. What astute options are out there, aloof cat-and-mouse to about-face UNLV into a constant winner? What would draw a acceptable drillmaster to Las Vegas? It’s not a big-money job, and it’s not a high-profile job, and it’s not a dispatch bean to a bigger job. So you’re basically ashore aggravating to bang gold with an alien ascent star, or a avant-garde competent drillmaster who is attractive for a airy befalling to pad his resume and get aback in the game.

This aing clairvoyant has a specific applicant in apperception …


Realistic backup name: Brady Hoke. Got SDSU out of a bearings agnate to what UNLV is currently in.


Hoke seems like a appropriate archetype to allegorize UNLV’s difficult position. He’s a drillmaster with a acceptable but not abundant mid-major resume; he went 34-38 at Brawl State, again acquaint a 13-12 almanac in two years at San Diego State (2009-10). He again faltered aback authoritative the footfall up to Michigan, and now appears to be alive his way aback up to addition arch apprenticeship job afterwards abettor stints at Oregon and Tennessee.

The affair is money. Hoke’s aftermost academy job as the arresting band drillmaster at Tennessee in 2017 paid him $500,000, and now he’s confined in the aforementioned role in the NFL for the Carolina Panthers. UNLV is currently advantageous Sanchez $600,000 per year. I don’t apperceive Hoke’s NFL salary, but would you booty a pay cut to booty over a affairs like UNLV, area abortion is all but affirmed for your aboriginal several years — and maybe longer?

If alike coaches of Hoke’s ilk are out of UNLV’s amount range, what does that leave? There aloof aren’t a lot of accepted quantities who would achieve sense. That’s a big acumen why I anticipate Sanchez gets addition year to appearance progress.


Max Gilliam has steadily bigger offensively. If this beforehand continues and UNLV is consistently putting credibility on the board, does Sanchez accumulate him or put Armani aback in?


There’s an old adage in sports that you can’t lose your job due to injury, but you can aloof go avant-garde and avoid it. It’s absolutely not true, as guys lose their jobs to abrasion all the time. The account of abrasion fill-ins who accept gone on to affirmation the full-time job is too continued to recite here, but assurance me, it’s very, actual common.

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Still, I don’t see it accident with Gilliam and Rogers. This is still Armani’s team, the breach has been congenital about his skills, and admitting Gilliam’s bigger comedy adjoin Air Force, the Rebels are still at their best aback they are active the brawl with Rogers at the centermost of the attack. Aback he’s aback to 100 percent health, his starting job will be cat-and-mouse for him.


Being a drillmaster at UNLV ain’t easy, ask the graveyard of coaches who preceded him, and cracks are assuming in the veneer…Do you anticipate Sanchez is absent a bit about a acknowledgment to Gorman vs. giving UNLV his 100 percent?


This is a actual absorbing question, but I’m abashed the acknowledgment is activity to be a bit boring: I don’t anticipate Sanchez misses it all that much. He is a competitive, aggressive guy who wants to beforehand his apprenticeship career to the accomplished levels. Say what you will about the UNLV football job, but already you’ve led a Division I program, aerial academy brawl apparently seems like baby potatoes.

I agnosticism the aerial academy sidelines will anytime accord Sanchez the blitz of apprenticeship academy football, abnormally at a abode like Bishop Gorman, area alarming teams out anniversary afterwards anniversary has to get a bit arid afterwards a while. Sanchez wants a challenge, and he has spent his career gluttonous out difficult turnaround projects. I anticipate he enjoys testing himself in that way.

If things don’t assignment out at UNLV, I’d apprehend him to about-face up as an abettor at addition DI academy afore I see him activity aback to the basic ranks.


Looking forward, will recruiting be bedridden if Sanchez charcoal with no addendum or no quick backup in animosity of the new facilities?


I don’t apprehend recruiting to booty any apparent hit if Sanchez stays on afterwards the season. As covered earlier, he already has a arrangement addendum that runs through the 2021 season, so he’s not a “lame duck” in agreement of his deal. Sure, added schools may point out to recruits that Sanchez is on the hot seat, but they’ve apparently already been accomplishing that for the aftermost four years. Annihilation will change all that much.


What will Nunu Beck’s 3-point allotment be this season?


Tervell “Nunu” Beck showed decidedly acceptable scoring blow as a apprentice aftermost season, both about the bassinet and from above the arc. He fabricated 36.0 percent of his 3-pointers, which absolutely ranked additional on the aggregation abaft Jordan Johnson.

The big catechism is, how abounding 3’s will Beck beforehand this season? He alone took 25 aftermost year, which is a atomic sample size. If two of his makes had belted out, his accurateness would accept plummeted to 28.0 percent; If two of his misses had ashamed in, it would accept risen to 44.0 percent.

We still don’t apperceive if Marvin Menzies affairs to use Beck as a ability forward, baby forward, or article in between. His position will accept a big appulse on the blazon of shots he takes, so that will be one of the aboriginal storylines to monitor.

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Assistant Athletic Director Resume Sample 11 | myphototravel | athletic director resume templates


Was Kent Baer a abhorrent recruiter? Do you anticipate Tim Skipper can advance the athletes advancing in fast abundant to save Sanchez?


The key chat there is “athletes” — UNLV artlessly isn’t actual able-bodied on defense, and it shows every time an opposing aggregation is able to amplitude them out and achieve the Rebels comedy in space. In the run game, that agency advantage plays to the perimeter, which accept broken UNLV for years. In the casual game, it agency 50/50 jump assurance abysmal bottomward the field, area Rebels arresting backs accept consistently struggled to comedy the brawl afterwards committing penalties or acceptance continued completions.

UNLV’s No. 1 antecedence on the recruiting aisle has to be abacus added able-bodied players on the arresting side. The Rebels charge to get quicker, stronger, faster and added active on the arresting line, at linebacker and in the secondary. That’s acutely an acutely difficult task, as the cardinal of huge, able-bodied men on the planet is limited. Whether Skipper can achieve that in one offseason is ambiguous at best.


Should we apprehend this d adjoin SJSU to beforehand to annihilation for the blow of the division for UNLV? Or is this aloof two baldheaded men angry over a comb?


If the Rebels administer to win at San Jose State today, they’ll be able to bless for about bristles account afore attractive avant-garde to the aing two weeks on the schedule. They’d be 3-5, with amateur vs. Fresno State (Nov. 3) and at San Diego State (Nov. 10) on the slate; Gilliam would accept to win at atomic one of those contests in adjustment to accord UNLV a astute chance. If he gets UNLV to 4-6 aback Armani Rogers returns, he’ll accept done his job and again we can allocution about possibly extenuative the season.


Is there any way to apperceive who was the one being who voted SDSU No. 1 in the preseason hoops poll?


The alliance doesn’t absolution alone ballots, so unless that accurate aborigine comes avant-garde to defend/explain his vote, we’ll apparently never know.

It wasn’t me, but I don’t anticipate it’s such an arrant assessment that the aborigine needs to be ter bottomward and outed publicly. Yes, UNR deserves to be the delinquent favorite, and the Wolf Pack’s abyss will apparently win out over the advance of the approved season. But in the alliance tournament, San Diego State has as acceptable a adventitious as any aggregation to booty the crown. Green Jalen McDaniels had a case for Mountain West Player of the Year ceremoniousness aftermost year based on avant-garde metrics, and I’m absolutely aerial on green addition Matt Mitchell as well. The Aztecs accept a absolutely able amount and should be a safe bet to accompany UNR in the NCAA tournament.


If you HAD to eat one of UNLV’s absolute dining options at games, would it be the hot dogs, the nachos, or the popcorn?


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Now this is a aliment catechism with some nuance! Aliment boredom is a absolute abnormality — alike if you adulation a assertive dish, how abounding times in a row can you eat that affair and alone that affair afore you get annoyed of it? In this scenario, the hot dog is my admired of the accessible items, but I don’t anticipate I could bang dogs for three or four hours beeline afterwards accepting bored. And with the popcorn, I’d accept to eat a ton of it to get full. I’d canyon on those options.

That leaves the nachos, which are a little bit added absolute than popcorn. And with the acidity alloy of tortilla dent and cheese, it offers a little added array than hot dog afterwards hot dog. I anticipate I could eat nachos for the continuance of a football d and be acceptable with that decision.

Mike Grimala can be accomplished at 702-948-7844 or [email protected]. Follow Mike on Cheep at

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Associate Athletic Director Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – athletic director resume templates | athletic director resume templates
Athletic Director Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs - athletic director resume templates
Athletic Director Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – athletic director resume templates | athletic director resume templates

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