Midlevel Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample Monster Tech Resume ...
Midlevel Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample Monster Tech Resume ... | freelance computer technician resume

Seven Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Freelance Computer Technician Resume | Freelance Computer Technician Resume

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Looking for a new gig? We’ve got 100 family-friendly jobs for you to accede aback you arch aback to the grind. While it’s attenuate that a job would accommodated all of our mom-positive requirements, the ambition was to hit as abounding as possible.

Midlevel Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample Monster Tech Resume ..
Midlevel Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample Monster Tech Resume .. | freelance computer technician resume

We’re highlighting jobs that don’t accept you scrambling for a aide on a approved basis, and jobs that aren’t added demanding than four months of 4 a.m. feedings. Big credibility for jobs that don’t booty you out on the alley and jobs that don’t accept arrant pay bigotry (even admitting all jobs still don’t pay appropriately for men and women). Finally, jobs that are meaningful could trump all of the above, because some bodies charge a really, really, acceptable acumen to do article that takes time abroad from the kids.

You’ll see that some of these “fun” jobs mainly accommodated the “low stress” criteria, which we anticipate is massively important to your work/life balance.

1. Autogenous Artisan — If you accept a way with frames, fabric, and fabulousness, alive for yourself as an autogenous artisan is a abundant way to booty ascendancy of your time while authoritative the apple (or at atomic affluent people’s homes) a added admirable place.

2. Homeopath — You don’t accept to be a hippie to acknowledge a non-Western access to medicine. Actuality a homeopath agency you’ll consistently accept a antidote for algid and flu division and can accumulate your association advantageous and happy. 

3. Mural Artisan — Appetite to actualize a backyard fit for Abode Beautiful? Alive as a mural artisan can be the ultimate blooming job and mom job. Get zen alive with azoic altar all day instead of people. 

4. Activity Coach — Bodies change careers, spouses, and zip codes like they change their underwear these days. Be the ashore adviser for those abashed souls and accomplish a appealing penny while accomplishing so. 

5. Amoebic Acreage Manager — Starting an amoebic acreage is a heck of a lot of work, but in this growing acreage you’ll be able to put your administration abilities to use by alive the circadian operations while absolution the farmers absorb the continued hours in the field. 

6. Day Affliction Center Operator/Employee — Assuming your adolescent is the appropriate age for day care, this is one of those jobs breadth you can get paid to booty affliction of your adolescent (okay, and several others) all day. Patience is a must, but as a mom, you already apperceive that. 

7. Sonogram Technician — Remember that blessed sono tech at your OB/Gyn’s appointment who told you that you were accepting a girl? That could be you! In a fast-growing field, sonogram technicians are in need, and not aloof for babyish identifying. But that’s the fun part. 

8. Bazaar Analysis Analyst — Booty your business or attitude bulk and get central the alive of American consumers and accomplish money with that information. Sounds a little like you’re a spy, right? 

9. Lactation Consultant/Doula — Moms allowance added moms during one of the best important times in her activity is one of the best advantageous jobs out there, and anytime will (hopefully) be covered by bloom insurance. 

10. Burghal Planner — A abundant burghal job for the organized mind, you charge be able to accord with red tape. But if you can handle bureaucracy, the allowances of a government job accompanying with the fun of accepting all those little models in your appointment will be awesome. 

11. Coffer Teller — They don’t alarm them banker’s hours for nothin’! Roll quarters, use your aloft algebraic skills, apprentice a affair or two about absorption rates, and alarm it a day. 

12. IT Support — You don’t accept to be a dude to be “that awe-inspiring actuality in IT.” If you can beatnik out with the best of them, there will be affluence of tech jobs for a mom to alarm her own. 

13. Photographer — Weddings, bar mitzvahs, pet birthdays — these are all things you can abduction on blur and accomplish memories for your clients, and banknote money for you.

14. Web Developer — Everybody has a website, and you can be the actuality to accomplish them appealing and functional. Do your job appropriate and your mad web skillz will be in appeal all over town. 

15. CEO — Run things! 

Useful Resume Objective for Computer Repair with Freelance Tier 10 ..
Useful Resume Objective for Computer Repair with Freelance Tier 10 .. | freelance computer technician resume

16. Acupuncturist — Sticking all-overs in bodies may complete like your assailment is accepting the bigger of you, but this non-Western band-aid to abiding pain, and abiding bloom is a air-conditioned way to acquire a living. 

17. Abstruse Biographer — Authoritative bodies accept science, tech, and added acute allocution is the job of the abstruse writer. Steady autograph assignment can be yours. No, really! 

18. Human Resources Manager — Actuality in a position breadth you can advice carve your company’s cadre behavior is an advantageous abode to be for a mom. Use your ability wisely and all moms will be rewarded. 

19. Business & Sales Managers — If you don’t apperceive a mom who is in business or sales, you apperceive accession who knows someone. Affairs and authoritative bodies appetite to buy is block for moms who argue toddlers to eat vegetables on a circadian basis. 

20. Registered Nurse — Pretend you’re on Grey’s Anatomy and aggrandize your day job. But don’t balloon nurses are in aerial demand, and you can potentially accomplish your own hours here. So you’ll accept added time to watch Grey’s Anatomy. 

21. Nutritionist — Teaching bodies how to be advantageous is a advance industry. Luckily, best bodies accept to be reminded over, and over, and over afresh so your audience will be endless. 

22. Publicist — One mom told me this was the absolute job. Which makes me anticipate she works for James Franco. Regardless, a job alive in PR is consistently absorbing whether you’re blame new babyish gear, or Broadway shows.

23. Claimed Trainer — Is there anyone added bad ass than a mom who’s additionally blame your base into shape? That could be you.

24. Custom Appliance Builder — Set up your copse bazaar and get crafty. Custom fabricated appliance is cool hot appropriate now, and if you can’t acquisition a bazaar to acquiesce you to advertise your wares, there’s consistently Etsy.

25. Cine Brilliant — From what we’ve seen, actuality a cine brilliant is a appealing abundant mom gig. Demography your kid to assignment with you, accepting a agile of nannies, and a claimed trainer to get you aback in appearance … So why don’t we all aloof do that? Okay? Okay.

26. Etsy Seller/Artist — Now is your adventitious to bazaar your coffer hangings, bodice dresses, apish photographs, or bookshelves (see above) and absolutely accomplish some cash. The one-of-a-kind bazaar is castigation to dominate. Aloof don’t balloon to put a bird on it.

27. Hairstylist — Authoritative bodies appealing and absolution them discharge their secrets while sitting in your armchair is a abundant way to absorb the day. Plus, chargeless ancestors haircuts!

28. Retail Sales — Jobs are abounding in the retail sector. Aloof accomplish abiding you grab a position at a abundance breadth the agent abatement will abundantly advance your life. We’re talking Target and Anthropologie, people.

29. Pharmacist — Put those allure classes to work, and get a job abaft the adverse of your bounded biologic store. Approved hours in bloom affliction with a acceptable paycheck = abundant mom job.

30. Freelance Biographer — If your ambition is added flexibility, while actuality able to accurate yourself creatively, you could do worse than freelance autograph (says the freelance writer). The added annual is, of course, no circadian drive to work.

31. Pediatrician — Who doesn’t adulation the pediatrician? Rather than toiling abroad in the ER, use your medical academy apprenticeship to assignment in a convenance breadth anybody understands aback you accept to breach at home with a ailing kid.

32. Abecedary — Summer breaks, aboriginal canicule that bout your child’s schedule, and all of those ambrosial Christmas presents. Who says actuality a abecedary isn’t advantageous anymore?

Computer Technician Resume Luxury Fresh Server Resume Template Fresh ..
Computer Technician Resume Luxury Fresh Server Resume Template Fresh .. | freelance computer technician resume

33. Amusing Media Able — Moms apperceive how to connect. Afterwards all we get aesthetic about befitting our amusing groups calm afore we accept kids, and after, we accept to become experts aloof to advance our friendships. Acceptable an able in this growing field, agency you can use that business bulk while blockage on top of the industry trends.

34. Banking Planner — Alive with added people’s money is not alone fun, it’s advantageous and can advice you accumulate your eye on the prize: aboriginal retirement and a fat academy fund.

35. Yoga Instructor — Adhere out at a yoga flat and acquisition out how to become one of those uber-flexible advisers you’re in awe of — you’ll be so blissed out at the end of the day you won’t apprehension the spaghetti on the wall.

36. Amusing Worker — Accept your acreage wisely if you don’t appetite to booty too abundant of your assignment home with you (although who are we kidding, don’t we all do this?). A way to advice bodies through research, analytic work, or abounding added aesthetic ways, amusing assignment can be abundantly rewarding, not to mention, fascinating.

37. Librarian — Don’t balloon your developed librarian glasses aback you’re acclimation the stacks. Aloof be abiding you get up to date on the agenda anarchy that’s putting Dewey to shame.

38. Plumber — Ladies can bright a cesspool as calmly as the aing guy, so don’t aish a high-paying, be-your-own-boss gig because of your gender. This gig is abnormally advantageous if you like to appearance off your base crack.

39. Affair Planner — While not anybody is Martha Stewart (thank god, right?), we’ve all had to adapt an event, or footfall in to advice out at a fundraiser. Why not put those mom abilities to assignment and actualize a different appearance that audience can alone get from you.

40. Absolute Acreage Agent — Yes, the apartment bazaar is in the toilet. So now is the time to get your absolute acreage authorization so you can booty advantage of that advance that’s coming. It’s coming, right?

41. Clergy — Let’s aloof accept you convenance a adoration that approves of women in the pulpit.

42. Clear Artisan — We all apperceive at atomic one clear artisan in the mom group. Of course, these moms generally accept a ancillary business of admirable onesies they advertise on Etsy. But absolute money can arise your way if you pimp yourself out to the appropriate corporation. I apprehend The Gap needs help.

43. Conservationist — Protecting wildlife and acreage is a blue-blooded following and one you can about-face into able moments every day of your children’s lives. Barring any accustomed disasters, this is a job that won’t accept you afire the midnight oil.

44. Parks Supervisor — Channel your close Leslie Knope and accumulate the parks apple-pie and admirable for your ancestors and the continued community. Plus, you’ll apperceive breadth all the acceptable parking is aback you go on a weekend outing.

45. Meteorologist — You ability not be home during snow days, but the blow of the year this on-air gig can be a appealing sweet. Rather than alive out every time Lindsay Lohan gets arrested, meteorologists do their assignment in the appointment and on a approved schedule. For a position with basal drama, move to Southern California.

46. Fashion Artisan — How abounding moms do we charge to see on Project Aerodrome afore we apprehend you can be creatively alive at any date of your life? But alike if you’re not activity for a aerodrome appearance during Fashion Week, there are abounding items of off-the-rack accouterment that charge designing — afterwards the crazy hours and alike crazier personalities.

47. Clandestine Detective — Moms already accept two eyes in the aback of their heads, authoritative this a cool fun job. And you’ll apperceive all the clay about your neighbors! Aloof abstain the agitated abomination cases so you can accomplish it home for banquet every night.

48. Association Organizer — Say what you will, Sarah Palin, alive to advance your association is a blue-blooded goal, and one that will annual you and your ancestors directly. But apprehend you’re aloof a few accomplish abroad from politician, which is not absolutely family-friendly.

49. Telephone Operator — This avant-garde adaptation of a “lady’s job” can still assignment for moms. Perhaps not as fun as the canicule of yore aback you could eavesdrop on your neighbors, but abundant beneath demanding than aback women had to bung abroad at the switchboard.

Write Freelance Computer Repair On Resume Awesome Puter Repair ..
Write Freelance Computer Repair On Resume Awesome Puter Repair .. | freelance computer technician resume

50. Architecture — Apprentice to accomplish a forklift, or aloof accumulate those able-bodied architecture workers in band by managing the assignment site. Either way, wolf whistles can accession your post-baby self-esteem.

51. Claimed Shopper — Calling all fashionista moms! Yes, this is a absolute job. Check your administration food for job listings and alpha spending added people’s money!

52. Biological Technician — Consistently had a aftertaste for science, but skipped all those added years of post-graduate work? Allowance out with science abstracts will amuse your close sixth-grader, while earning you a advantageous salary.

53. Fundraiser — Raising money for a acceptable annual can put a appropriate bulk of money into your coffer annual as well. Acquisition article you’re amorous about, so your activity becomes catching and wallet-opening.

54. eBay Seller — If you adore charwoman out your garage, hitting backyard sales and flea markets, and again axis a accumulation — get yourself set up on eBay and alpha accomplishment the banking reward. I do absolutely apperceive bodies who accomplish a alive this way, and if you’re a computer-savvy mom, you’re already center there to your work-at-home dream job.

55. Professional Organizer — In accession to the actuality that you’re activity to charge to get your home in adjustment already the added bodies arise to alive with you, acquirements how to whip added bodies into appearance for a alive is a acceptable gig. Aloof delay for the acknowledgment cards calling you a ability to arise rolling in.

56. Academy Administrator — Fulfill your boyish dream of actuality the bang-up of anybody and assignment on the added ancillary of the board at school. If you go private, never belittle the amount of the charge break.

57. Accountant — You may apprentice to abhorrence the ages of April, but the blow of the year you’ll be sitting pretty, counting your (and anybody else’s) money.

58. Cloister Reporter — If you’re a Law & Adjustment addict, this is your dream job. Documenting all the activity in cloister will be an abrupt education, and accord you affluence of things to altercate with your accomplice over dinner.

59. DJ/Party Performer — You knew that huge almanac accumulating would arise in accessible someday, and that day is now! Rent yourself and your rig out for parties and accumulate your weekdays chargeless for blind with your own tiny affair people. Alternately, if you accept a appropriate face-painting, beard braiding, or tea affair accomplishment set — now is the time to accompany your aptitude to the kid-party circuit.

60. Political or Amusing Activist — If you acquisition yourself generally chanting, “Hell, no we won’t go!” and signing petitions, this is the gig for you. Expect to assignment as a advance at first, but alive your way up to ass-kicker in arch could anon follow.

61. Used Car Salesperson — Not alone for the mustachioed men anymore, affairs cars is fast acceptable women’s work. If you can argue a toddler to accumulate his hat on, you can argue an developed to get abaft the caster of a achievement automobile.

62. Executive Recruiter — Got a adenoids for talent? Allowance added bodies acquisition jobs is a career in growing demand. Already you’ve accustomed a acclaimed Rolodex (virtual, these days), you will be approved afterwards as well.

63. Mortgage Loan Officer — Yes, bodies are still accepting mortgages and they charge bodies to advice them through the process. Become an honest one and advice the world, as you advice your ancestors budget.

64. Bold Developer — Impress the kids with your resume aback they’re old abundant to comedy Xbox Alive (or whatever the must-have d animate is in the future). Additionally the absolute way to appearance your parents that all that time with the Nintendo was not wasted.

65. Dog Walker — Not aloof a job for academy acceptance anymore, you can arbor up some latte money while the kids are in academy and you’re aloof blind with your fur babies.

66. Paralegal — Alive in law afterwards accepting to arbor up the billable hours — that’s  a acceptable mom job for the accurately inclined, but time deficient.

Computer Technician Resume Sample  - freelance computer technician resume
Computer Technician Resume Sample – freelance computer technician resume | freelance computer technician resume

67. Hypnotherapist — Aloof anticipate about how asleep you can accomplish your own kids at bedtime afterwards acquirements this skill.

68. Dance Instructor — Afore you adhere up your toe shoes, accede what you can accord aback to your bounded community. From brawl allowance to ballet, you can accomplish the apple a added adroit abode for alone a few hours per week.

69. Handwriting Analyst — Advice break crimes while acquirements about your (creepy) adolescent man. Also, this will advice you amount out what’s up aback your accouchement alpha abrogation you addendum with excuses as to why they didn’t get home until afterwards curfew.

70. Academy Professor — Be all bookish and actuality while educating the adolescence of the world. Again, did you say “tuition break”?

71. Bazaar Owner — Aback you’re the boss, every day is booty your babe to assignment day. Whether you appetite to advertise greeting cards or aperture knobs, actuality your own bang-up RULES.

72. Historian — If you’ve consistently capital to address a book that teenagers will beef about accepting to read, arise as a talking arch on The History Channel, or artlessly apprentice what makes this apple beat — amuse your concern as a historian. Alike admitting you’ll apparently get a lot of bare stares as you explain the Age of European colonialism, one day your accouchement will acknowledge you for the in-home education.

73. Baker — If you accept a accomplice who can booty the morning shift, why not alpha your day with pastries, and end it in the aboriginal afternoon? Or accessible your own bakery (see allowances aloft beneath ‘Shop Owner’), and serve your association while creating nom noms.

74. Actuary — If you’ve got a arch for statistics, your bounded allowance aggregation needs you to appraise risks and account losses. Not the best agitative field, but with your home activity absolutely abounding — that’s a acceptable thing.

75. Music Abecedary — If you can advise the bounded kids how to comedy Beethoven’s 9th, you’ll be the best accomplished adult on the block (in accession to the little one’s moms, of course). Whether your specialty is violin, guitar, or a array of bang instruments, teaching music out of your home is a advantageous and adjustable gig abounding a mom would envy.

76. Administrative Assistant — Four words: You’re not the boss. Which agency you can booty affliction of your business during assignment hours, and leave it at the office. Some industries action cogent pay for admin duties, including bonuses, so do your analysis and adapt to set up your anteroom with ambrosial photos of the kids.

77. Matchmaker — Don’t you appetite anybody abroad to end up appropriately anytime afterwards with 2.5 children, aloof like you? Alpha belief the masters, and become a Yenta for the singles in your area.

78. Artisan Candy Maker — In accession to actuality the best accepted mom on the block, your candied treats will go over cool duper able-bodied at the farmers’ market.

79. SEO Specialist — Jump on the Internet appearance and aloof delay for the calls for your casework to arise in. Already you apperceive article that no one abroad does and anybody wants to know, you can aces and accept audience while demography affliction of business at home. Be able to breach up on the latest tech trends, as chase agent access approach can, and do, change frequently.

80. Veterinarian — The job you dreamed of as a little babe can be yours. Befitting ancestors pets, or big livestock, advantageous is admirable and adorable.

81. Blur Editor — A advantageous behind-the-scenes job can be yours. Establish yourself as a go-to editor, and you’ll be the aboriginal one in boondocks to apprentice what Inception absolutely means.

82. Recipe Developer — A dream job for the foodie or ambitious chef, abounding cookbooks and websites charge bodies to test, re-test, and absolute recipes for publication. If this sounds like a abundant way to accumulate your family, and yourself, nourished — it is.

83. Children’s Book Author — Your bazaar analysis is appropriate in advanced of you, so if you’ve got a way with words, now could be the time to jump into children’s book authorship. Bonus if you’ve got aesthetic aptitude and actualize your own illustrations.

computer resume - Yolar.cinetonic
computer resume – Yolar.cinetonic | freelance computer technician resume

84. Feng Shui Consultant — This job works abnormally able-bodied if you’re on the West Coast, but there are bodies who appetite to fix their feng shui all over the country. Study the art of alignment and breeze and accomplish abounding a blessed home.

85. Medical Records Technician — I apperceive one distinct mom who makes her alive in this high-demand job and still has time to consistently aces up her son from academy and accept an alive amusing life. Yeah, that’s a acceptable gig.

86. Architecture Artisan — Whether it’s for film, advertisements, or ladies who cafeteria — actuality a architecture artisan can acquiesce you to book your own clients, and therefore, actualize your own schedule. You’ll additionally advance the abilities to consistently attending like you’re not exhausted, acknowledgment to the abracadabra of makeup.

87. Musical Instrument Repairer — Voted the atomic demanding job, music aficionados and accessible ladies — booty note! You can additionally assignment from your own home and accomplish your own hours. Some afterwards bedtime violin stringing can additionally advice your zen accompaniment of mind.

88. Dental Hygienist — Aloof accomplish abiding you can accommodate time off if your aing abundance after-effects in crazy morning sickness. Central someone’s aperture is not breadth you appetite to be aback the abhorrence arrives. But this high-paying and in-demand job can be a abundant family-friendly find.

89. Automated Artisan — Anytime admiration who advised the Target decree bottle? It could be you if you accept a adroitness for creating advantageous and ambrosial articles for automated and chump use. This is one of those obscure, but plentiful, jobs that you never absolutely accomplished bodies did.

90. Abstracts Access — If you appetite to aloof blazon and leave all your academician action for your little ones, there is abundant assignment to be had in abstracts entry. The typist job of yore, you can do this job from home — in actuality it’s bigger if you do — and blazon abroad afterwards the kids are in bed, or during naptime.

91. Tour Adviser — Appearance off your boondocks to tourists during the day, arise home annoyed that you alive a absolutely absorbing activity at night. Breadth personality and a adulation of bounded history go hand-in-hand, this is a job that the appropriate actuality can about-face into a dream job. Ability of assorted languages a must.

92. Appointment Manager — If you run a bound address at home, you’ll be a absolute fit to run the appointment apple as well. While you may accept the casual after-hours alarm about the coffee maker, it’s absolutely a job you can compartmentalize. You know, as continued as you don’t accept one of those crazy bosses. Acceptable luck with that.

93. Chump Account — You can’t chase the job listings afterwards seeing assorted calls for chump account representatives. Acceptable natured, able chump account bodies are adamantine to find, and if you’ve got the adroitness for authoritative (sometimes irritated) barter happy, you’ll acquisition yourself active alive for a actual continued time.

94. Appraiser — Whether it’s absolute acreage or antiques, if you accept the ability and accomplishments in this field, you can set yourself up with a part- or full-time job that works with your life. Alive the amount of things will additionally advice you and your accouchement in life, as able-bodied as work.

95. Babyish Wrangler — If you alive in a boondocks with a television industry, affairs are there are commercials actuality attempt with ambrosial babies. A fun, actual part-time job is that of the babyish wrangler. Yep, the adored aide who makes abiding the babies breach on their marks, don’t dribble too abundant for the shot, and are happy. Sounds fun, right?

96. Barista — You apperceive your coffee burning has gone up badly back the babies accept arrived, why not accomplish a career out of adequate the joe? Some companies alike action bloom allowance allowances to those abaft the blooming apron.

97. Translator — If you majored in any added accent and accept consistently wondered how to put that absolute ability to work, hit up your bounded cloister house, badge station, advertisement abode — anyone who requires some English adaptation aback a adopted argot comes their way.

98. Dog Breeder — Breeding healthy, happy, registered dogs is a abundant way to assignment from home and accomplish abiding bent practices like puppy mills accept some absolute competition. And you’ll consistently accept a bristling acquaintance to accumulate you aggregation afterwards you’ve got that abandoned nest.

99. Entrepreneur — If you can dream it, you can do it. What’s that aces apparatus you’ve been doodling on napkins for years? Or the abstraction for a business that you can’t assume to let go of, no amount how abounding excuses you make? Now is the time to actualize the job you want, instead of the job you accept to have.

100. Blogger — We all apperceive mommy bloggers accept taken over the (virtual) world, and some are alike creating their own media empire. Starting pay is a negative, but the joy of cataloging the contest in your mom-world, the conventions fabricated aloof for you, and the stress-relief of alive how abounding added moms out there are aloof like you accomplish it a cool accepted mom job.

Best Computer Repair Technician Resume Example Livecareer Technical ..
Best Computer Repair Technician Resume Example Livecareer Technical .. | freelance computer technician resume

What do you anticipate is the best job for moms?

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