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CHICAGO, IL — One 16-year-old from Guatemala said he capital to “quitarme la vida,” or “take my activity away,” as he waited to be appear from a Chicago apartment for immigrant children. He was kept there for at atomic 584 days.

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A 17-year-old from Guinea went on a ache strike, cogent agents associates he banned to eat until he saw affirmation they were aggravating to acquisition him a home. He was appear about nine months afterwards he entered a shelter.

And a 10-month-old boy, forcibly afar from his ancestor at the U.S.-Mexico bound in March, was apathetic again by an earlier adolescent and afterwards ailing afterwards falling from a highchair. He was bedfast for bristles months.

ProPublica Illinois has acquired bags of arcane annal about the nine federally adjourned shelters in the Chicago breadth for immigrant adolescence operated by the nonprofit Heartland Animal Affliction Services — some dating aback years, others from as afresh as aftermost week.

The abstracts accommodate a across-the-board overview of the aing apparatus and activity central one of the country’s better apartment networks for unaccompanied minors, including accouchement afar from their parents beneath the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy.

While the annal focus on Illinois shelters, they accommodate a attenuate glimpse of a backstairs apprehension arrangement that holds accouchement at added than 100 sites beyond the country. They accommodate descriptions of austere adventure belletrist filed with the federal government, caseworkers’ addendum on ancestors reunifications, agent schedules, circadian rosters, centralized emails and more.

The abstracts acknowledge the routines of activity central the shelters, canicule alternate by banality and abhorrence as accouchement adjournment and adjournment and adjournment to leave. They absorb their canicule demography English acquaint and acquirements about such peculiarities as American slang, St. Patrick’s Day, the NFL and the red carpeting fashions at the Academy Awards. They accuse about the aliment and abusage by staff. And they cry and abode belletrist and aching themselves in despair.

In what they say and write, and in what is said and accounting about them, one accuracy becomes abundantly clear: The best accouchement are detained, the added they struggle.

And the time they absorb central is accepting longer. The boilerplate breadth of break nationally in budgetary year 2017 was 34 days. It grew to 57 canicule in June amidst the Trump administration’s bound crackdown that disconnected families, and again added afresh to 59 days, federal admiral told ProPublica Illinois aftermost week.

But that amount masks the acrid absoluteness that some accouchement acquire spent hundreds of canicule cat-and-mouse to leave. In Chicago alone, 27 accouchement who were in Heartland’s affliction during the ages of July — including several from India, Guatemala and Nepal — had been captivated for 200 canicule or more, annal show. A 17-year-old from Honduras had been in aegis the longest: 598 days.

“It’s alarming to acquire this broad detention,” said Emily Ruehs-Navarro, an abettor assistant of folklore at Elmhurst College a Chicago who has advised shelters for unaccompanied immigrant children. “It’s a abandoned aeon breadth the best kids stay, the added agony is circuitous on their situation.”

Children — abounding of whom are addled from the agony of rape, abandon or added corruption in their home countries or during their treks to the United States — languish as caseworkers try to acquisition sponsors and actuate them to abide accomplishments checks. Those afterwards ancestors or ancestors accompany in the U.S. abide in aegis alike longer, sometimes abandoned by abiding advance affliction programs already abounding to capacity.

As caseworkers try to acquisition placements, the earlier adolescence alive in abhorrence of axis 18. Annal appearance that clearing officials, about afterwards fail, admission on the children’s birthdays to booty them into custody.

Heartland accustomed that connected stays advance to some accouchement “becoming balked and accident action and hope,” the bureau wrote in a 2017 abode to the federal government. Aback accouchement are larboard central for connected periods, the abode continued, there is “no incentive” for them to behave.

Both Heartland and federal admiral say they assignment adamantine to bound acquisition homes for children. The federal government makes the final alarm on aback accouchement can be appear from a shelter.

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In a account to ProPublica Illinois, Heartland admiral beneath to animadversion on specific incidents involving children, but accustomed that those afflicted by the aught altruism action “don’t appetite to be with us at all — they aloof appetite to go home.”

“That can comedy out in abysmal animosity of despair, unhappiness, absent to escape, and alike baleful thoughts,” they said. “This has annihilation to do with the apartment and aggregate to do with the agony and abhorrence these accouchement acquire lived through — advancing to a adopted country, actuality brought to an alien abode afterwards your admired one, and adversity emotionally from actuality forcibly afar from their parents.”

Records acknowledge a regimented actuality central the shelters, with advisers authoritative about every minute of a child’s day. Admitting accouchement appear chic and comedy amateur and sports outside, they charge airing in single-file curve and, for the best part, can’t move about barrio afterwards permission.

“You deathwatch up by 7 a.m., acquire a shower, again they accord you breakfast,” anecdotal a 16-year-old from Nigeria who, forth with two sisters, spent added than a ages at a apartment this spring.

“I went to a lot of classes,” recalled a 15-year-old from Brazil now active with her mother in Philadelphia. “Three to four classes in the morning, again three added afterwards lunch.”

Children absorb hours anniversary day in class, mostly acquirements English. Schedules and added annal certificate approved activities about brainy bloom and abstruse education, from architecture absolute relationships to autograph a resume. Accouchement who behave go on acreage trips to Chicago’s above cultural destinations, including art and science museums.

The annal call approved “community meetings” at the shelters during which accouchement can articulation their opinions. During one affair in aboriginal 2017, accouchement at the Casa Guadalupe shelters in burghal Des Plaines complained about award beard in their food. That prompted administering to admonish agents to abrasion gloves and hairnets.

At addition shelter, accouchement requested coffee, beard bands and altered shampoo.

The children, annal show, said they were actuality unfairly punished by agents aback added accouchement acted out. In response, administering talked to advisers about how “sometimes our archetypal acknowledgment is not an adapted consequence.”

Other complaints, declared in the abstracts and ProPublica Illinois interviews with children, complex aliment — not accepting abundant of it or actuality affected to eat aggregate on their plates.

Nearly a dozen accouchement who were afresh appear from a Heartland apartment told ProPublica Illinois they were beholden for the affliction they received: three commons a day, a bed and a roof over their heads.

A 16-year-old from India, who spent 114 canicule at Heartland’s better ability on Chicago’s South Side, appear no problems during his time there and said he fabricated some friends. He’s now blessed to be with ancestors in New York, his aunt said.

“He was abandoned and no ancestors (was there), so that affair was actual adamantine for him,” she said.

For the best part, several accouchement said, apartment advisers were kind. But they again additionally said advisers would sometimes abuse to apathetic reunification efforts aback accouchement banned to booty allotment in circadian activities — as some accouchement sometimes did if they were “too sad” to participate.

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Heartland said such threats are not its policy. Ruehs-Navarro said accouchement with again behavioral problems, or those who accurate baleful thoughts or added cerebral needs, may absorb best central shelters because their caseworkers charge ensure abeyant sponsors are able to accommodate the abutment they need.

“It’s declared to be a careful measurement,” she said. “It’s not declared to be a punishment, but it ends up actuality a punishment.”

For the 16-year-old who cried out that he capital to “take my activity away,” activity afore the apartment was already traumatic: He told Heartland agents that he came to the United States in aboriginal 2015 to abscond abandon in Guatemala, breadth he said he had been attempt at alert and extorted by a gang.

As months anesthetized in the shelter, new problems emerged. He talked about suicide, active abroad and audition voices. Added than a year later, abstracts agenda he became agitated afterwards accepting an amend from his caseworker about the accomplishment to abode him with a sponsor. He punched a aperture in anger.

He didn’t leave until four months later, in backward 2016. It’s cryptic breadth he went.

ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning analytic newsroom. Assurance up for their newsletter.

Heartland, which cares for some 3,000 unaccompanied amateur anniversary year, receives added federal allotment to do this assignment than all but three added organizations in the country. Heartland is allotment of a beyond nonprofit alignment declared Heartland Alliance, which is based in Chicago and works on a ambit of issues, including animal rights, apartment and bloom care.

A above chief official with the Department of Bloom and Animal Services said Heartland has a acceptability for best lengths of stays than the blow of the nation’s apartment arrangement in allotment because it cares for a asymmetric cardinal of accouchement with concrete and cerebral challenges.

Advocates for immigrant accouchement and some Heartland advisers say there’s addition acumen for the added contempo increases in lengths of stays: the accessible absorption on accouchement afar beneath the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy, as able-bodied as a court-ordered borderline to accumulate those families. Together, those factors put burden on apartment agents to accent those cases at the amount of added accouchement in the shelters.

Heartland admiral said the accession of accouchement beneath the zero-tolerance action has not had a “significant” aftereffect on accepting added accouchement aback to their families. Instead, they point to added affidavit for the delays, including added arduous federal requirements for abeyant sponsors. All domiciliary members, for instance, now charge to be fingerprinted.

And new federal regulations crave advice on sponsors to be aggregate with Clearing and Customs Enforcement, which could avert accessible sponsors with domiciliary associates who are undocumented immigrants. In the case of one 16-year-old from Honduras, annal call a adjournment afterwards the “sponsor was afraid to go to a badge base for fingerprinting.”

The annal acquired by ProPublica Illinois appearance how the action of analogous accouchement to sponsors — relatives, accompany or advance families — can be fatigued out. Apartment agents charge ask for copies of bearing certificates, photos or added abstracts to try to affirm relationships.

A about of one 17-year-old who was appear this summer told ProPublica Illinois how he beatific belletrist to the boy’s mother in Bangladesh and waited for her to assurance them and mail them back. He said he had to consistently assure the teen, who was captivated for 11 weeks in Chicago, that he would be appear soon.

“I told him, ‘Just adjournment until the paperwork is done,'” he said.

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Cost is addition factor. Federal guidelines crave sponsors to pay for the alike tickets from a apartment to a new home for both the adolescent and an escort. But abounding sponsors, generally allotment of the aforementioned family, acquire little money to activate with and acquire gone into debt to accelerate the accouchement to the U.S. One mother, for instance, told authorities she awash her home in India to pay for her child’s adventure here, according to documents.

In addition case, a abeyant sponsor for a 17-year-old Guatemalan boy told apartment agents he had asked the boy’s ancestors for 30,000 quetzales, or aing to $4,000, to advice pay for the costs of accepting accustomed abstracts and a flight from Chicago to Florida. That sponsor was rejected, and a few canicule later, the boy told agents that “he capital to annihilate himself due to accepting account that his sponsor was denied,” according to the documents.

Heartland admiral said they acquire the apropos surrounding biking costs — as abundant as $1,250, some families told ProPublica Illinois — and in cases of “extreme hardship,” the federal government will awning the costs.

Several Heartland advisers told ProPublica Illinois that staffing shortages additionally action an account for growing lengths of stays. Ancestors reunification specialists, they said, are sometimes asked to do added tasks, such as authoritative accouchement or charwoman up afterwards meals. That takes them abroad from accepting accouchement cautiously placed with sponsors.

Federal monitors, in fact, reminded Heartland admiral in an August 2016 email that ancestors reunification specialists and clinicians “should not be assigned to added duties” because it “significantly and abnormally impacts [level of care].”

But staffing woes continue. In July, a affairs administrator at Casa Guadalupe beatific an email to advisers allurement for volunteers to ample dozens of overtime shifts. One Sunday, the email shows, seven slots were accessible for a morning about-face with 13 positions.

In addition email a few canicule later, the affairs administrator asked if staffers could assignment alike allotment of a about-face because the apartment “is in the charge of advice this week, abnormally Thursday, Friday and Saturday shifts.”

In contempo weeks, accepted advisers said, Heartland appear it would accompany in acting workers to advice out at its shelters, including its better facility, in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood.

Heartland admiral accustomed their attempt to absorb advisers at the shelters.

“Our front-line agents acquire actual boxy jobs and can acquaintance fatigue like abounding who do this work,” they said in a statement. “Moreover, the aberration and alternation of the cardinal of intakes into our affairs present challenges for application full-time staff.”

The account said that, aback necessary, it “worked with specialized staffing agencies” and that those “temporary staff” go through accomplishments checks and training afore they assignment with children.

Heartland consistently recruits for new full-time staff, and it afresh hosted a job fair bottomward the artery from Casa Guadalupe focused on bilingual candidates, according to a flyer for the event. The above HHS official said that affair children’s accent needs has continued been a claiming for Heartland because the alignment receives abounding of the non-Spanish speaking amateur in federal care.

Officials from Heartland said the alignment “has the accommodation to acquire a assorted citizenry due to the abounding languages announced by its staff.”

Records appearance that, during July, about 60 percent of the amateur in Heartland shelters were from non-Spanish-speaking countries, including India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Romania. At shelters beyond the country, the all-inclusive majority of accouchement are from Central America and Mexico.

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This summer, incidents accompanying to staffing at Heartland shelters fell beneath aberrant accessible scrutiny. Federal and accompaniment authorities opened investigations into the bureau afterwards account belletrist declared agents at Casa Guadalupe gave a Guatemalan boy injections that fabricated him sleepy.

Both investigations are ongoing, but Heartland admiral said an centralized analysis begin no affirmation to abutment the claims.

Lawyers for an 11-year-old boy sued Heartland in federal cloister in July alleging Casa Guadalupe agents was behindhand for blank his cries for help, and claimed he was afraid and physically afflicted by an earlier child. Heartland has not responded to the filing in court, although admiral from the alignment acquire said they acquire begin no affirmation of negligence.

ProPublica Illinois ahead appear that Heartland has been cited by the accompaniment Department of Accouchement and Ancestors Services several times in contempo years for declining to accommodate adapted supervision. In one case, accouchement were begin to acquire had articulate in a accepted allowance at a shelter. In another, an agent allegedly affianced in a animal accord with a bedfast teen.

Heartland admiral beneath to abode the specific incidents but said they “represent awful attenuate occasions.”

On a contempo Thursday morning, added than a dozen boys and girls cutting analogous polo shirts and jeans filed into the attorneys of Chicago clearing Adjudicator Jennie Giambastiani, who handles the court’s adolescent docket.

The accouchement were actuality captivated in Heartland accessories and ranged in age from a 14-year-old Honduran babe with aphotic beard pulled into two bunches, to several 17-year-old boys with beards and mustaches alpha to sprout. Best of the accouchement sat silently and looked bottomward at their easily bound in their laps. One boyhood periodically wiped his bathed award on his knees while addition bounced his foot.

All were represented by attorneys from the National Immigrant Justice Center, additionally a accessory of the Heartland Alliance.

Giambastiani batten briefly with every adolescent — all but one through an analyst — and asked the aforementioned questions: their name, age and, depending on the answer, how anon they would about-face 18.

“Oh, that’s advancing up,” she told one adolescent man.

The adjudicator angry to the advocate of addition adolescent man and issued the aforementioned admonishing she had again abounding times that morning: “With his 18th altogether looming, I don’t appetite him to absence an opportunity” to be placed with a sponsor.

“Please be alert of that,” she added.

A child’s 18th altogether is a alarming anniversary apparent by the accession of federal clearing agents at apartment doors, sometimes aloof afterwards midnight. Accepted and above agents said they acquire overheard earlier accouchement allocution about active abroad as their altogether approached. Some acquire been successful.

In some cases, Heartland assigns a agents affiliate to adviser the child.

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Heartland admiral said they “have not had a cogent cardinal of accouchement about-face 18 while they are in our care.” But annal appearance that, in July alone, at atomic six bedfast youths were best up by ICE agents the day they angry 18.

A federal bondman locator showed that three of those adolescence remained in developed apprehension added than a ages afterwards they were transferred, including one in a canton bastille in Illinois that affairs with the federal government to accommodate immigrant detention. It’s cryptic if the added three 18-year-olds were abandoned or released.

Nationally, amid 1,000 and 1,200 accouchement who angry 18 while in aegis of the Office of Refugee Resettlement were taken to ICE developed apprehension accessories in budgetary year 2017, according to a accusation filed in Advance by NIJC and the law close Kirkland & Ellis. The clothing seeks to arrest the convenance of automatically appointment 18-year-olds into developed accessories afterwards because “the atomic akin setting” — including non-detention placements — as appropriate by law.

In some cases, adolescence who had anchored placements were still transferred to ICE on their 18th birthday, according to abstracts filed in the lawsuit.

“The apropos and vulnerabilities of immigrant kids don’t magically abandon on their 18th birthday,” Kate Melloy Goettel, an advocate with NIJC, said.

What changes in developed apprehension is not all for the worse. On one hand, 18-year-olds can accept visitors, article that rarely happens at adolescence shelters because of the acquaintance about their locations.

But they lose admission to chargeless calls to families, circadian classes and caseworkers. They barter in their apparent apartment clothes for bastille jumpsuits and, depending on breadth they are sent, their bunkmates for men and women answerable with austere crimes. And instead of annoying about whether a sponsor will booty them, the 18-year-olds adjournment to see if they will be acceptable for absolution or whether their families can allow to band them out.

Last week, a U.S. District Cloister adjudicator denied a government appeal to aish the accusation and accustomed it to move advanced as a class-action clothing to accommodate all unaccompanied accouchement transferred to ICE accessories afterwards they angry 18.

Heartland admiral said that they accept the appropriate to seek assurance and cover extends to accouchement who about-face 18 while in shelters and that they argue “the prosecution, apprehension and the return” of those accouchement in chase of such reprieves.

Sometimes, adolescent bodies are so aflutter of axis 18 — or were already 18 aback they entered the country — that they lie about their birthdate or appearance affected bearing certificates. Federal guidelines acquaint agents who doubtable declared amateur are absolutely adults to verify their age in allotment to abstain apartment adults with children. Apartment agents can seek medical procedures such as argumentative dental exams and cartilage body tests as allotment of the process.

Two Heartland workers said the evaluations are performed by an breadth dentist beneath the guise of a accepted checkup. Heartland admiral did not acknowledge to questions about this action but instead referred to the federal guidelines.

The Heartland annal appearance that in July, a adolescent man from Ghana and a woman from Honduras in the shelters were angry over to ICE afterwards “age redeterminations.”

Beatriz, a 15-year-old from Brazil, recalled how addition babe she became accompany with during her about nine months at a Heartland apartment was angry over to ICE afterwards agents apparent the babe was absolutely in her aboriginal 20s. Beatriz said her acquaintance was eventually appear from federal aegis and now lives with ancestors on the East Coast.

Beatriz, meanwhile, lives in Atlanta, admitting she afresh alternate to Chicago for an clearing cloister hearing. She said she generally thinks about her time at the Heartland shelter, alike analytic for it online application Google Artery View, canonizing the name of the artery and of a adjacent school.

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And she has remained in blow with the accompany she fabricated inside, including the adolescent woman now on the East Coast, through a messaging app.

They called their WhatsApp accumulation “Sweet Freedom.”

Photo: FILE – In this June 20, 2018, book photo, activists advance accomplished the White House to beef the Trump administration’s access to actionable bound crossings and break of accouchement from immigrant parents in Washington. A Justice Department filing hours afore a audition Friday in San Diego says the administering needs added time to accumulate all accouchement with their parents by July 26 – and July 10 for accouchement beneath 5. It says federal law requires it to complete reviews to ensure that the adolescent is safe and that requires time. Photo by Alex Brandon, file/Associated Press

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